Things To Do At Dinosaur Gardens

Raptor Mini-Golf Retreat

18 Holes of fun! Both young and old enjoy the 18 hole Raptors Mini Golf Retreat. Place your putt in the hole of a dinosaur replica green, then sit on a picnic table and enjoy a quick hot dog and soda. Holes are designed with a dinosaur theme constructed by Frank McCourt. The course utilizes the natural beauty of the area and the water of the peaceful Devil River.

Miner's Sluice

Miner's Sluice Experience is where you will pick out a bag of mining mix and wash the contents of each bag out in a live, water operated miners sluice. Mining packages of fossils, gem stones or a combination of both are available.

Each package includes educational postcards to identify your finds, a take home collection bag and labels for the collection bags.

Ice Age Frozen Yogurt

Our Ice Ages Frozen Yogurt Bar is all about each person making their perfect frozen creation every time, even if that means it looks different in every cup, every visit. Whether you’re craving something sweet, tart, fruity, chocolaty or even a slightly offbeat mix, we give you the reigns to choose your ideal yogurt flavors and toppings in any size and combination.

Retail Store

From a tiny prehistoric gem to a large scale dinosaur replica, our gift shop provides something for everyone. If you have a dinosaur fan in your family or group, we have many great gift ideas including clothing, stuffed animals, dinosaur toys, as well as educational games and books.